Tuesday, January 8, 2013

AOSP time :D

Hey guys,how are you doing?)
While laozhu team is trying to fix new bugs,aosp developers are trying to create fully working cyanogenmod 9/10 roms.XDA members already know about most of these rom's,but I want to tell something more even for them.

1.Unofficial CM10
Android 4.1.2
First release:4th January
video recording
gps doesn't work for some people
bugs while playing music for some people
2.6 old kernel base

Wanted to try it,but read forum and all bugs and i think i will wait for later releases)

2.CyanVivo X
Android 4.1.2
Last release:29th December 2011
-Panorama in camera doesn't work
-Vsync doesn't work(old kernel 2.6 issue)
-No front facing camera
-Buttons rotate doesn't work
-Stock wi-fi tethering,barnacle tether app must help
-Microphone in 3d party apps
More bugs listed here
Too many bugs,as i think.

3.Ported IceColdSandwich 8.8
Nice start of porting popular rom's for our device,but old kernel base,vpn bugs,wi-fi and data signal strenght issues,i think it's because of kernel and rom,not port.But if you can't live with sense and like cm,you must try it.I used 8.4 official rom,but kernel is tooo old for android 4.0

I'm waiting for cm9 rom with 3.0 kernel base by szezso,must have all things working.So i only want to wish good luck to szezso.I'm currently little tired of laozhu fails)

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