Monday, February 4, 2013

Qsense Multy 1.1

Hey guys,sorry,i had problem with my sd card,couldn't release the rom
This rom is made by russian developer,it's for desire s/incredible s/incredible 2/desire hd
Includes best patches and files
Smooth and nice,all things must work,except volume button skip track button,use tactile player
Aroma installer will help you to set up your rom)

Friday, February 1, 2013

z13 is epic fail

You guys need to know,that after few day test i made a conclusion that z13 is worst build ever.There are graphical issues,gps doesn't work sometimes(i play ingress,it's important for me)
Only bugs and nothing more,except powersaving mode in systemui and settings

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My laozhu 12 ultra perfomance edition

Today i made a repack,that must be very smooth.
Based on AVATARA122 repack,thanks to him!
-Removed buggy home screen animation(when you are pressing home)
-Smooth full sense roise,but no auto-rotate
-Fixed dialer
-Build.prop tweaks,including almost project butter
-gps.conf for Russia,please write here if you need for another country
-virtuous_oc deleted
-RAM Manager Pro - optimize your memory in 2 clicks
-Es Explorer,setcpu,skins,wallpers and other things

How to install:
Wipe all and dalvik cache
Make quick setup and wait for launcher ready(loads long,but it will be loaded)
Then open RAM Manager Pro
Chosee one of 3 first mods(i recommed 2nd)
Scroll down,activate laucher lock and activate after boot
WARNING!Don't open multitask options in venom tweaks
Interface can be laggy,until special dalvik cache(bigger,than often) will be created for all apps
You can overclock you cpu for better result,I recommend 1.5 Ghz
If you need,i can share overclock instruction


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Updated Ultimate perfomance sense 4.1 ROM

Old link for vivo 1.0.0 was removed in case of publishing new version.
What's new:
-Addition translate in options and calendar
-Resized Tasks widget
-Camcoder with stereo sound recording
-Quick settings
-Screenshot is now on(power button+home)
-Stock browser fixed,now it see SD Card
-Messages widget resized and fixed
-Added Google Maps by default
Download(just press 'скачать')

It's over 500!

Petition have more than 500 signs now.
With every new sign we are closer to fixed kernel!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Petition created

All the week i contacted with xda members from desire s and desire hd petiton themes.Now we have the plan.
So now petition is here
you need only to sign it
(you can sign more than 1 time with different e-mails and names for best result ;) )

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rise,my friends!

No time for laozhu review)maybe tomorrow or later.
Guys,never you thought about reporting htc about their EPIC TOUCH SCREEN FAIL?
Why must we sit on unpowersaving kernels with temporary fix?
I think,we must report.
I will create a petititon with request to htc to fix that bug.
Russian 4pda IncS members are in.
If you are with me,please writ in comments,i need number of petition supporters.
Thanks for reading,
everyone is important here,
your saneksem

Saturday, January 12, 2013


You all need to know it.
A few minutes ago i found solution for touch screen unresponsibility on hunterwu and z series kernels.
I thing most of you have situation when you unlock your phone and touch screen doesn't work or pressed in random places,but you didn't touch him.Or while call screen doesn't work too.
Turn ON 3-finger htc gestures in options-display
You DON'T need more than TWO touches,only in multitouch test,really.
Hope it will help you all too.
Have a nice device.
I am testing z12 now,wait for review.I think this time it will be bigger!
helped for me on : Laozhu z12,vivo 4.0.3 sense 4a

Friday, January 11, 2013

Laozhu z12 - now anzhi

New version of laozhu rom is out
What's new
-New selfcompiled ZRZ-VIVO-V12C kernel
-Fast 2G,1G by default
-Wi-fi strength improvement
-Must be more smooth and have better perfomance
-Slide2wake improvement
-Venom SuperSU
-Deodex in tweaks(apk+odex)
-New gps configurration,must be better
-Sony bravia improvement
-Camera and animation from z10,must work without any bug

I am sharing repack that i use too.English/Russian languages included
Repack by AVATARA122

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ultimate perfomance rom.Now with sense 4.1

Do you remember release of rom,that didn't have tweaks,but was smooth and nice?
Now we became a rom with sense 4.1,z11 kernel with multitouch fix and nice battery life
English,Russian included
To download enter symbols and press скачать
What's better than in other rom's:
-better recent apps
-better scrolling and resize
-fully resized standart htc skin
-no lags in music player while scrolling current song list(thank God!!!)
-nice window animation without any bugs

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

AOSP time :D

Hey guys,how are you doing?)
While laozhu team is trying to fix new bugs,aosp developers are trying to create fully working cyanogenmod 9/10 roms.XDA members already know about most of these rom's,but I want to tell something more even for them.

1.Unofficial CM10
Android 4.1.2
First release:4th January
video recording
gps doesn't work for some people
bugs while playing music for some people
2.6 old kernel base

Wanted to try it,but read forum and all bugs and i think i will wait for later releases)

2.CyanVivo X
Android 4.1.2
Last release:29th December 2011
-Panorama in camera doesn't work
-Vsync doesn't work(old kernel 2.6 issue)
-No front facing camera
-Buttons rotate doesn't work
-Stock wi-fi tethering,barnacle tether app must help
-Microphone in 3d party apps
More bugs listed here
Too many bugs,as i think.

3.Ported IceColdSandwich 8.8
Nice start of porting popular rom's for our device,but old kernel base,vpn bugs,wi-fi and data signal strenght issues,i think it's because of kernel and rom,not port.But if you can't live with sense and like cm,you must try it.I used 8.4 official rom,but kernel is tooo old for android 4.0

I'm waiting for cm9 rom with 3.0 kernel base by szezso,must have all things working.So i only want to wish good luck to szezso.I'm currently little tired of laozhu fails)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy new year! :D

Sorry guys,i'm a little late,i haven't acces to my pc in a few days)
I want to congratulate you all to new year!
I hope 2013 will be full of fully working custom rom's for our device!
Hope no one changed incredible s in this holidays)