Monday, December 24, 2012

Energy Rom review

It's nice to be back on sense 3.5
After fourth sense it looks better,but only for a few days.

zipalignmented rom
android 2.3.5
good battery life
energy tweaks
unity v10 by default - nice choice

I used this rom for two days - nice,smooth,but i need android 4.0.4 features,that's why i'm trying to find my ideal rom again)

Rom can be founded on xda in "roms/kernels thread"

Sabsa prime review

This post is a review of sabsa prime 10.1
First i want to say that installation is going in beatiful aroma installer with many options,it's rare now

More good things in ROM:
very smooth apps menu animation in rosie
nice benchmark tests results

What's bad:
interface is laggy sometimes
rosie tweaks are not working
as many 4a rom's,not fully resized

so sabsa isn't nice as all rom's we have seen

unstable blogger

today i understood that i miss sense 3.5))
now on energy rom,battery life is awesome!
wait for review for energy rom and sabsa pime 10.1

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Updated z11

Laozhu team forgot to include busybox into z11 rom.
And most of tweaks were not working.
Fixed ROM
Google Drive

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Laozhu fail? D:

Today was released new laozhu build,but i don't think it's what we waited for(don't forget,we waited for it for 2 weeks)

What's new:
-New ZRZ-V11 kernel
-Some memory and perfomance tweaks
-Better quality of photos
-New home screen folder animation
-Dolby SRS Audio improvement
-All z10 kernel issues fixed
-Sony xloud is broken(really written in "what's new",nice :D)
-Face unlock is broken
-Button backlight still works with delay
-More smooth(can't say that's it)))
-Daemon controller is more user friendly(we don't care,it's on chinese)

You can flash z11 kernel and become z11,but with working xloud and other things))
Nice link name :D ,but better must be z11 :(

Full z11 rom:
Google Drive

Monday, December 17, 2012

Thanks to reading it and about donation

Hi everyone
This post is a thanking post to you!)
We have 1340 views for now,i never had a blog vefoe,but i'm glad that everyday someone is coming and reading news.
I'm working on new articles,hope it will be useful.I will post more interesting things about android(such as about battery calibration),not for incredible s only,so if you will change your device,you can stay here)

And few words about donation.If you love my work soooo much,you can donate me,bying my theme for Go Launcher EX on google play.
See my theme on google play

Thursday, December 13, 2012

New sense 4a rom!

Today was released new ROM,that i already have installed)

-Clean and bugless android 4.0.3 sense 4.0 rom
-Based on 4.11 HTC SDK
-Tweaks(venom tweaks,but not all functions)

-Battery friendly
-Game friendly

Issues(for me):
-Can't switch off volume key wake up
-Long press of volume keys doesn't switch music track
I hope i will fix it by editing android-policy.jar,but some later

RePack link(original version has chinese aroma,you even can't install rom :D )
All languages supported through morelocale 2

I will attach screenshots

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

About batteries

Hi,haven't seen you so long.

What to speak about today?
Let's speak about battery using and calibration in Android.I think it will be interesting to you all.

Most users are dissapointed in smartphone battery life.I think it depends on user,not on company.I will tell you some advices to hold your battery full!

First,after buying new phone you must discharge it and then charge for 7 hours.It can show 100% after 3-5 hours,but i recommend to hold it longer.

Second,while using better don't let your device to discharge more than 10%.If you discharged a Li-Ion battery to 0%,it will cost you 400 charge-discharge cycles.

Third.Keep your memory free.
Yep,not only frequency of cpu can drain your battery quicker,you need to close all unimportant apps in task manager.Or better use v6 supercharger.I will tell about it in one of my reviews.

After flashing new ROM you need to wipe your battery stats,but no one is doing it regulary,yes? ;-) me too
so.when you are sure,that you found ideal rom and don't wan't to change it you need to do:
1.Set cpu frequency you are sure you will always use and better don't change it.
2.Charge your phone to 100%
3.Enter recovery and wipe battery stats in wiping
4.Reboot and make a few charge-discharge cycles to have better effect.Sometimes it needs a week to increase your battery life.

I became more hours using v6 supercharger and wiped battery stats on laozhu z10

On screenshot I still have 25%(13 hours with battery) and I:
Listened music for 2 hours
Surfed in internet for 4 hours
Played for 1-2 hours Wolfenstein 3d,modern combat 2,gta vice city(tried,but lags :-(  )
Used 1.5 Ghz

Hope it will help you
With best wishes,

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Laozhu z10 screenshots

I never uploaded screenshots.I think it's time to start)Laozhu z10

Laozhu z10 Review

What's new:
-New ZRZ-v10f kernel
up to 2.1 Ghz,OC,UV suuport(no need to install hunterwu+with stock z10 kernel you become better optimization and perfomance)
-2G maximum speed
-New memory improvements(200 Mb free ram and even more)
-Full multitouch fix
-New animations
-Landscape rosie fixed
-Wi-fi signal now shows signal strenght correctly
-Weather server is AccuWeather now
-Calendar fixed(2 year bug)
-Task manager is working fully now,no issues
-Autobrightness levels in venom tweaks are working now
-Headphones with buttons now working without turning screen on
-Aluminium skin included
-Sense 4+ flashlight(now fully resized) and some features
-3-finger gesture options are back!
-slide2wake-unlock your device like in sweep2wake,but without ring)

Just instal,restore your apps and become ane of best builds of laozhu!
That's what you need - ultimate perfomance and customization.
Don't have to say something more - all new and old features are working!


Laozhu z10 is out

New laozhu z10 is out!Downloading.Wait for review and links)