Saturday, December 22, 2012

Laozhu fail? D:

Today was released new laozhu build,but i don't think it's what we waited for(don't forget,we waited for it for 2 weeks)

What's new:
-New ZRZ-V11 kernel
-Some memory and perfomance tweaks
-Better quality of photos
-New home screen folder animation
-Dolby SRS Audio improvement
-All z10 kernel issues fixed
-Sony xloud is broken(really written in "what's new",nice :D)
-Face unlock is broken
-Button backlight still works with delay
-More smooth(can't say that's it)))
-Daemon controller is more user friendly(we don't care,it's on chinese)

You can flash z11 kernel and become z11,but with working xloud and other things))
Nice link name :D ,but better must be z11 :(

Full z11 rom:
Google Drive

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