Sunday, December 2, 2012

Laozhu z10 Review

What's new:
-New ZRZ-v10f kernel
up to 2.1 Ghz,OC,UV suuport(no need to install hunterwu+with stock z10 kernel you become better optimization and perfomance)
-2G maximum speed
-New memory improvements(200 Mb free ram and even more)
-Full multitouch fix
-New animations
-Landscape rosie fixed
-Wi-fi signal now shows signal strenght correctly
-Weather server is AccuWeather now
-Calendar fixed(2 year bug)
-Task manager is working fully now,no issues
-Autobrightness levels in venom tweaks are working now
-Headphones with buttons now working without turning screen on
-Aluminium skin included
-Sense 4+ flashlight(now fully resized) and some features
-3-finger gesture options are back!
-slide2wake-unlock your device like in sweep2wake,but without ring)

Just instal,restore your apps and become ane of best builds of laozhu!
That's what you need - ultimate perfomance and customization.
Don't have to say something more - all new and old features are working!



  1. I like your last sentence:
    "Don't have to say something more - all new and old features are working! "

    Thank you very much! Definitely will install this ROM after my exam! :)

  2. Btw, does this ROM support volume wake?

    1. good luck on exam)
      and yes,you can turn your screen on with volume + button and turn it off with volume -

    2. Thanks. :) But I can't wait and already flash it. hahaha. now facing two problems.
      1. How to have arrow keyboard?
      2. How to install facebook for HTC sense?

      Thank you very much. :)

    3. for arrow keyboard use smart keyboard
      if facebook was in previous laozhu build,just download it,unpack and copy facebook apps and widgets from system/app

  3. Hi, the Rom support UV? I tried to UV with OC/UV Beater 2 but unable to change it. Only able to OC. May I know which software you are using.

    Between, did you UV? How much you UV? Thank you. :)

    1. i am using incredicontrol,works perfect to me
      i am using these uv levels

      1024 1200
      1200 1225
      1300 1300
      1400 1350
      1500 1400
      1600 1450
      1700 1500

    2. I tried and still cannot. The UV is being disabled. Are you using Rom default kernel?

    3. you can to delete 83oc from system/etc/init.d and delete virtuous_oc catalog in system/etc
      yes,i am using laozhu z10 patched kernel for now

    4. You meant delete the whole folder of init.d and virtuous oc?

    5. NO NO NO
      from init.d delete file named 83oc
      and delete virtuous oc folder

    6. Sorry.. misunderstood.. but after I deleted the 83oc and virtuous oc folder, I'm unable to oc/uv at all now..

    7. interesting,but i still don't know what is blocking UV

  4. Installed the rom after full wipe but there are alot of chinese character. need help on that please

    1. it's only in original.i can give you repack i'm using with russian and chinese,it must include english or you can change it through morelocale 2

    2. Will be much pleasure if you could provide me the repack version please

  5. Why playstore didnt show pic and 3D mail widget not fully show your only show the title...

    1. install adaway and pics will be shown.can't say anything about mail widget,i never use it and already deleted it

  6. After a while using this Rom, auto-rotating stops working. Any ideas how to fix it?

    1. yep
      in options-display scroll down and choose g-sensor calibration,put your device on table and press calibrate,wait,profit)

  7. of course

    enter numbers you see and press скачать
    then press on link(don't forget to untick Яндекс.Бар installation :) on page with link )