Tuesday, December 11, 2012

About batteries

Hi,haven't seen you so long.

What to speak about today?
Let's speak about battery using and calibration in Android.I think it will be interesting to you all.

Most users are dissapointed in smartphone battery life.I think it depends on user,not on company.I will tell you some advices to hold your battery full!

First,after buying new phone you must discharge it and then charge for 7 hours.It can show 100% after 3-5 hours,but i recommend to hold it longer.

Second,while using better don't let your device to discharge more than 10%.If you discharged a Li-Ion battery to 0%,it will cost you 400 charge-discharge cycles.

Third.Keep your memory free.
Yep,not only frequency of cpu can drain your battery quicker,you need to close all unimportant apps in task manager.Or better use v6 supercharger.I will tell about it in one of my reviews.

After flashing new ROM you need to wipe your battery stats,but no one is doing it regulary,yes? ;-) me too
so.when you are sure,that you found ideal rom and don't wan't to change it you need to do:
1.Set cpu frequency you are sure you will always use and better don't change it.
2.Charge your phone to 100%
3.Enter recovery and wipe battery stats in wiping
4.Reboot and make a few charge-discharge cycles to have better effect.Sometimes it needs a week to increase your battery life.

I became more hours using v6 supercharger and wiped battery stats on laozhu z10

On screenshot I still have 25%(13 hours with battery) and I:
Listened music for 2 hours
Surfed in internet for 4 hours
Played for 1-2 hours Wolfenstein 3d,modern combat 2,gta vice city(tried,but lags :-(  )
Used 1.5 Ghz

Hope it will help you
With best wishes,

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