Monday, December 24, 2012

unstable blogger

today i understood that i miss sense 3.5))
now on energy rom,battery life is awesome!
wait for review for energy rom and sabsa pime 10.1


  1. sabsa is awful
    the cooker is iranian(like me)
    and he has a dhd not an incs
    so he couldnt do it right
    i made a rom also based on the zrom
    you can try it:

  2. Hi Danial,
    what's the difference between yours and zrom? Care to tell us what is in it?

    1. i did some optomizing for speed
      and free ram space
      and also added aroma installer with som options
      you also can use my theme sensius on this rom(in aroma installer)
      i added persian language because im iranian,and my people will use it
      i added ota updater for ota updates
      i added app installer
      i removed super su and added venom super user