Monday, December 24, 2012

Energy Rom review

It's nice to be back on sense 3.5
After fourth sense it looks better,but only for a few days.

zipalignmented rom
android 2.3.5
good battery life
energy tweaks
unity v10 by default - nice choice

I used this rom for two days - nice,smooth,but i need android 4.0.4 features,that's why i'm trying to find my ideal rom again)

Rom can be founded on xda in "roms/kernels thread"

Sabsa prime review

This post is a review of sabsa prime 10.1
First i want to say that installation is going in beatiful aroma installer with many options,it's rare now

More good things in ROM:
very smooth apps menu animation in rosie
nice benchmark tests results

What's bad:
interface is laggy sometimes
rosie tweaks are not working
as many 4a rom's,not fully resized

so sabsa isn't nice as all rom's we have seen

unstable blogger

today i understood that i miss sense 3.5))
now on energy rom,battery life is awesome!
wait for review for energy rom and sabsa pime 10.1

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Updated z11

Laozhu team forgot to include busybox into z11 rom.
And most of tweaks were not working.
Fixed ROM
Google Drive

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Laozhu fail? D:

Today was released new laozhu build,but i don't think it's what we waited for(don't forget,we waited for it for 2 weeks)

What's new:
-New ZRZ-V11 kernel
-Some memory and perfomance tweaks
-Better quality of photos
-New home screen folder animation
-Dolby SRS Audio improvement
-All z10 kernel issues fixed
-Sony xloud is broken(really written in "what's new",nice :D)
-Face unlock is broken
-Button backlight still works with delay
-More smooth(can't say that's it)))
-Daemon controller is more user friendly(we don't care,it's on chinese)

You can flash z11 kernel and become z11,but with working xloud and other things))
Nice link name :D ,but better must be z11 :(

Full z11 rom:
Google Drive

Monday, December 17, 2012

Thanks to reading it and about donation

Hi everyone
This post is a thanking post to you!)
We have 1340 views for now,i never had a blog vefoe,but i'm glad that everyday someone is coming and reading news.
I'm working on new articles,hope it will be useful.I will post more interesting things about android(such as about battery calibration),not for incredible s only,so if you will change your device,you can stay here)

And few words about donation.If you love my work soooo much,you can donate me,bying my theme for Go Launcher EX on google play.
See my theme on google play

Thursday, December 13, 2012

New sense 4a rom!

Today was released new ROM,that i already have installed)

-Clean and bugless android 4.0.3 sense 4.0 rom
-Based on 4.11 HTC SDK
-Tweaks(venom tweaks,but not all functions)

-Battery friendly
-Game friendly

Issues(for me):
-Can't switch off volume key wake up
-Long press of volume keys doesn't switch music track
I hope i will fix it by editing android-policy.jar,but some later

RePack link(original version has chinese aroma,you even can't install rom :D )
All languages supported through morelocale 2

I will attach screenshots

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

About batteries

Hi,haven't seen you so long.

What to speak about today?
Let's speak about battery using and calibration in Android.I think it will be interesting to you all.

Most users are dissapointed in smartphone battery life.I think it depends on user,not on company.I will tell you some advices to hold your battery full!

First,after buying new phone you must discharge it and then charge for 7 hours.It can show 100% after 3-5 hours,but i recommend to hold it longer.

Second,while using better don't let your device to discharge more than 10%.If you discharged a Li-Ion battery to 0%,it will cost you 400 charge-discharge cycles.

Third.Keep your memory free.
Yep,not only frequency of cpu can drain your battery quicker,you need to close all unimportant apps in task manager.Or better use v6 supercharger.I will tell about it in one of my reviews.

After flashing new ROM you need to wipe your battery stats,but no one is doing it regulary,yes? ;-) me too
so.when you are sure,that you found ideal rom and don't wan't to change it you need to do:
1.Set cpu frequency you are sure you will always use and better don't change it.
2.Charge your phone to 100%
3.Enter recovery and wipe battery stats in wiping
4.Reboot and make a few charge-discharge cycles to have better effect.Sometimes it needs a week to increase your battery life.

I became more hours using v6 supercharger and wiped battery stats on laozhu z10

On screenshot I still have 25%(13 hours with battery) and I:
Listened music for 2 hours
Surfed in internet for 4 hours
Played for 1-2 hours Wolfenstein 3d,modern combat 2,gta vice city(tried,but lags :-(  )
Used 1.5 Ghz

Hope it will help you
With best wishes,

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Laozhu z10 screenshots

I never uploaded screenshots.I think it's time to start)Laozhu z10

Laozhu z10 Review

What's new:
-New ZRZ-v10f kernel
up to 2.1 Ghz,OC,UV suuport(no need to install hunterwu+with stock z10 kernel you become better optimization and perfomance)
-2G maximum speed
-New memory improvements(200 Mb free ram and even more)
-Full multitouch fix
-New animations
-Landscape rosie fixed
-Wi-fi signal now shows signal strenght correctly
-Weather server is AccuWeather now
-Calendar fixed(2 year bug)
-Task manager is working fully now,no issues
-Autobrightness levels in venom tweaks are working now
-Headphones with buttons now working without turning screen on
-Aluminium skin included
-Sense 4+ flashlight(now fully resized) and some features
-3-finger gesture options are back!
-slide2wake-unlock your device like in sweep2wake,but without ring)

Just instal,restore your apps and become ane of best builds of laozhu!
That's what you need - ultimate perfomance and customization.
Don't have to say something more - all new and old features are working!


Laozhu z10 is out

New laozhu z10 is out!Downloading.Wait for review and links)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Laozhu z9 - the chinese knight rises

Hey guys,i installed laozhu z9 so fast as i could.

I thought i just will try it and then will be back on vivo 2.1.0...But now i don't want to change this Rom.
Before i will start my review i want to say that i couldn't use rom first,because after inastalling i was stuck on virtuous affinity logo.That's because of kenel.I flashed hunterwu 2.0.5 perfomance and all rom started working.

Thanks to laozhu team,must of bugs are fixed.First of all - APP DRAWER IN LANDSCAPE.Now it's 3x6,not 2x6.Music controller on lock screen is fixed too,like on all new chinese rom's.

Battery life is better,than in z7 and z8,but still less,than on other rom's.
I lost 70% of battery in 5 hours(intencive using).

Scrolling and animations look smoother(on 1.5 Ghz).

Sweep2wake is more stable.

New features:transparent dock in rosie,new button backlight options.All works fine.

What can i say in conclusion:z9 is a big step forward.Laozhu becoming leader rom again.

Thanks for reading.New articles are coming!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Laozhu Z9 Infinity

Hi,sorry for my long absence.I have some troubles with my notebook,but i still can write :D
Today I will tell you about new version of laozhu rom.
What's new:
-New kernel ZRZ-V9C
-Optimized perfomance for games
-Can be installed on z8 without wipe(*better make nandroid bakcup and try*)
-Memory optimiztions
-Advanced power saving options
-1.5 Ghz max on new kernel
-Fixed screen resolution for all apps,now all must look better
-Better interface smoothness
-Transparent navigation bar(activate in settings)
-Fixed music control on lock screen
-Fixed weather animation in portrait and landscape
-Fixed search in contacts

There is no original,even on china forum,but one great man made repack for all of us.This version is just not avaible for all who want it.
Repack by russian member "interaser":
all languages included,all google apps(+GoogleNow),fixed hosts for all,better gps.conf,htc keyboard with arrows,all sense 4 apps and widgets from virtuous infinity

Friday, November 23, 2012

No tweaks,no issues,just ultimate perfomance

New ROM - VIVO 2.1.0.It is based on official one v rom with sense 4.0a and nice smoothness.I recommend to install hunterwu immediatly after installing rom in recovery.
For better perfomance use gpu acceleration in options.
There is no tweaks(even for quick settings,but you can install quick settings addition)
here's your link for rom
quick settings patch
flash it,if your synchronisation(for example,with google) doesn't work

aaaaand as i promised new versions of hunterwu kernel
2.0.5 perfomance edition and 2.0.5 battery life edition
i am using first version and it's really fast!
perfomance edition:
battery life edition:

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Inspire 1.7.Review

As i promised,here is review for new rom.
So i hoped this rom will be better than laozhu z8 and it's really so.
Battery life is much better,interface works smoother,but still not ideal as i want(it's only my own opinion,this rom can be ideal for you)
English is included in rom by deafault,no problems with language.
Rosie iss like in z8,but little smoother.
Today i was happy,because i switched songs on lock screen pressing ON BUTTONS,not higher,as on laozhu.
Hunterwu 2.0.5 kernel is nice,based on g11 and redux mix,multitouch is fully fixed,battery life is balanced with ultimate perfomance
Venom tweaks and hub are working perfectly.All things are working.
Don't know what to say more.If you are on laozhu you can backup your apps and rom and try this one,i am sure,you will not be disappointed.

I have surprise for users who think that laozhu and inspire are not enough smooth,discharge battery too fast,use too much memory.
I have one more rom for you all,without venom tweaks,but with perfomance and smoothness you have never seen.I am using it with hunterwu 2.0.5 ''xxx'' edition(yeah,one more surprise ;D) and i don't want to change it,even it doesn't have fully customization.

Stay here,more ROM's and articles are coming!)
Comment,ask,subscribe and tell your friends :)

Always with you all,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New sense 4.1 rom with tweaks coming soon

Today i recieved a message with link for another chinese rom.It must be better than laozhu.Known features:
-fixed player controller on lock screen
i confirm,that on all laozhu roms i must press higher than button are to control player on lock screen

-stroboscope and sos in flashlight app
not so important

-based on android 4.0.4

-new hunterwu 2.0.5 installed by default(+flashable perfomance or battery life versions of kernel for this rom)

Your link:

Review will be soon)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nik Trinity sensation XL final

Today we will speak about one of greatest rom based on android 2.3.5 - nik trinity sensation xl port.

It has many tweaks,such as rosie settings(2d,semi 3d-2d,custom personalization button),quick settings,crt animation and many other.

Battery life is brilliant.So android 2.x is more battery friendly,as 4.x.
Everyone on xda will say,that best rom based on android 2.3 is Nik's trinity sensation xl rom and cyanogen mod 9.

I personally couldn't say it's best rom,because i started becoming bootloops after using this rom for one week,i think it's because of my individual cpu,that needs special voltage values.I don't know why,but i always need a kernel with uv support and set uv values manually.

Antutu benchmark gave me ~4500 points with trinity sxl 5.0,so it's very and very good.

Thanks for reading,come every day,i am posting reviews and news every day)

more visiters=more news

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Now I am Free!

or "now i'm on aosp"
hi all,today we'll speak about aosp roms(without sense) and their advantages

After unsuccesfull laozhu build I wanted to try something new,so i tried The Second Sun 2.5 - it's like Android Revolution HD but with small memory and perfomance patches.So i become the worst bug there-my friend didn't hear me while call until i rebooted device.(it's typical for 3.5-3.6 sense based rom's)


Then i remembered how smoothy was Ice Cold Sandwitch,that i used in summer.Many tweaks and flawless work.For incredible s the latest version is 8.3(official,but i found 8.4 on devhost and posted in thread the link).
What i don't like to do in aosp rom's-it's that i need to find programs i already had pre-installed in sense(nice dialer,sms,calendar),but sense launcher and all programs with their services made my device laggy.I like ultimate smoothness,that's why i used CM9 too,but there were some minor bugs.
On other hand,finding programs is experience too.

Don't worry,guys,that doesn't mean,that I will not make review for new ROM's,I already tried many of them and have many reviews in my head,just need time to post them all).

So now I am on IceColdSandwitch and I strongly recommend it to all,who need big battery life,like smoothness and tweaks to install this rom.I'm using 1.1 Ghz and it looks better that on 1.6 with sense 4.1.Maybe on tegra 3 sense doesn't lag,but for me it's hard to live with)

Note:Desire HD already have 8.8 vesion with fully working camcoder and other things are not fixed for our device,developer just doesn't want to answer on ics user's question.I haven't tried,but i will.One of solutions is to port this rom,i already used to do it and have small experience,just need some help)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

About Laozhu z8

We usually associating new build of ROM like a magical with bugfixes and new features.But today wee will speak about laozhu z8-a very contradictory build.
I hope many who read this know something about laozhu,if not-that's one of best ICS 

roms,but now it's becoming more and more bugs.
I will speak about original version,not repack,that i sended to all,but must of bugs are there too.

1.Multilanguage...what's that ?
after installing this rom i saw only chinese and english selection,that's enough for 40% on earth,but what if i am in other 60???
morelocale 2 helped me partly,some apps still remained chinese or english
2.We're making a rom for phone,but we didn't fixed dialer
real.WTF?in z6 we had fully working nice dialer,but now it doesn't search in contacts and have only english characters,that's not enough for all
Laozhu developer says,that he included NEW version of z8 kernel,but in z7 it had UV support,z8 doesn't.I think it's just z6 kernel with new build number,nothing more
4.Sweep to wake-keep in shape!
ICS rom's became a sweep to wake feature,but only for turning off.Laozhu allows you to turn it on with s2w too.But this feature was unstable since z4 and it's unstable as it was.Hope it will be fixed.
5.We didn't test landscape
Have you seen how icons in app drawer looks like in landscape?Don't you think they are a little...HIGH?!We can add a row more or move it lower.

Maybe I'm too cavilling,but i was waiting for z8 with kernel,that includes UV and 

multitouch fix,with dialer fix,more languages and new features.Now I need to replace

my dialer,SU and other working apps from z6 and other sources and i think i will use 

Nova launcher again.I'm  tired to do it after flashing every new laozhu.

There was a little hope,that new sense launcher will use less memory and will be 

more smoothly,but...

So i hope laozhu will find all bugs and of course i'm 

respecting this rom for xLoud,nice tweaks,perfomance and 

almost all things working!!!


If you are reading it,you are interested in Android and most likely have an Incredible S device.Here i will post all my reviews,thoughts and ideas.Hope it will be interesting for you all.Let's start our blog!You are welcome to correct my mistakes(english is not my native language),criticize me and discuss.