Thursday, November 22, 2012

Inspire 1.7.Review

As i promised,here is review for new rom.
So i hoped this rom will be better than laozhu z8 and it's really so.
Battery life is much better,interface works smoother,but still not ideal as i want(it's only my own opinion,this rom can be ideal for you)
English is included in rom by deafault,no problems with language.
Rosie iss like in z8,but little smoother.
Today i was happy,because i switched songs on lock screen pressing ON BUTTONS,not higher,as on laozhu.
Hunterwu 2.0.5 kernel is nice,based on g11 and redux mix,multitouch is fully fixed,battery life is balanced with ultimate perfomance
Venom tweaks and hub are working perfectly.All things are working.
Don't know what to say more.If you are on laozhu you can backup your apps and rom and try this one,i am sure,you will not be disappointed.

I have surprise for users who think that laozhu and inspire are not enough smooth,discharge battery too fast,use too much memory.
I have one more rom for you all,without venom tweaks,but with perfomance and smoothness you have never seen.I am using it with hunterwu 2.0.5 ''xxx'' edition(yeah,one more surprise ;D) and i don't want to change it,even it doesn't have fully customization.

Stay here,more ROM's and articles are coming!)
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Always with you all,

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  1. waiting for the rom :D yaay thanks !
    Now your blog is forwarded to the xda people ! they are looking forward to it ! we did it !