Sunday, November 18, 2012

Now I am Free!

or "now i'm on aosp"
hi all,today we'll speak about aosp roms(without sense) and their advantages

After unsuccesfull laozhu build I wanted to try something new,so i tried The Second Sun 2.5 - it's like Android Revolution HD but with small memory and perfomance patches.So i become the worst bug there-my friend didn't hear me while call until i rebooted device.(it's typical for 3.5-3.6 sense based rom's)


Then i remembered how smoothy was Ice Cold Sandwitch,that i used in summer.Many tweaks and flawless work.For incredible s the latest version is 8.3(official,but i found 8.4 on devhost and posted in thread the link).
What i don't like to do in aosp rom's-it's that i need to find programs i already had pre-installed in sense(nice dialer,sms,calendar),but sense launcher and all programs with their services made my device laggy.I like ultimate smoothness,that's why i used CM9 too,but there were some minor bugs.
On other hand,finding programs is experience too.

Don't worry,guys,that doesn't mean,that I will not make review for new ROM's,I already tried many of them and have many reviews in my head,just need time to post them all).

So now I am on IceColdSandwitch and I strongly recommend it to all,who need big battery life,like smoothness and tweaks to install this rom.I'm using 1.1 Ghz and it looks better that on 1.6 with sense 4.1.Maybe on tegra 3 sense doesn't lag,but for me it's hard to live with)

Note:Desire HD already have 8.8 vesion with fully working camcoder and other things are not fixed for our device,developer just doesn't want to answer on ics user's question.I haven't tried,but i will.One of solutions is to port this rom,i already used to do it and have small experience,just need some help)


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    1. you can take photo without problems,but camcoder has may bugs and doesn't work correctly