Thursday, November 29, 2012

Laozhu z9 - the chinese knight rises

Hey guys,i installed laozhu z9 so fast as i could.

I thought i just will try it and then will be back on vivo 2.1.0...But now i don't want to change this Rom.
Before i will start my review i want to say that i couldn't use rom first,because after inastalling i was stuck on virtuous affinity logo.That's because of kenel.I flashed hunterwu 2.0.5 perfomance and all rom started working.

Thanks to laozhu team,must of bugs are fixed.First of all - APP DRAWER IN LANDSCAPE.Now it's 3x6,not 2x6.Music controller on lock screen is fixed too,like on all new chinese rom's.

Battery life is better,than in z7 and z8,but still less,than on other rom's.
I lost 70% of battery in 5 hours(intencive using).

Scrolling and animations look smoother(on 1.5 Ghz).

Sweep2wake is more stable.

New features:transparent dock in rosie,new button backlight options.All works fine.

What can i say in conclusion:z9 is a big step forward.Laozhu becoming leader rom again.

Thanks for reading.New articles are coming!


  1. That's meant it is bugs free?

    Btw, currently I'm on Niks GB ROM, that's meant I need to flash hunterwu kernel first before flashing the Rom?

    Thanks again for your review and sharing. Appreciate it very much. :)

    1. kernel must be flashed after installing rom in recovery,you can't use hunterwu kernel for 4.0.4 on 2.3.5.
      You need to download .zip file of rom,flash it,boot,then enter recovery again and falsh hunterwu

    2. Hi, I thought you said you stuck at the welcome screen before flashing hunterwu kernel? Then how to restart to recovery? Pull out the battery?

    3. yep.pull the battery,enter bootloader,then recovery

    4. Anyway to flash the kernel together with the ROM?

    5. no.after installing your device reboots.anyway you can edit updater script and delete reboot))