Monday, November 19, 2012

Nik Trinity sensation XL final

Today we will speak about one of greatest rom based on android 2.3.5 - nik trinity sensation xl port.

It has many tweaks,such as rosie settings(2d,semi 3d-2d,custom personalization button),quick settings,crt animation and many other.

Battery life is brilliant.So android 2.x is more battery friendly,as 4.x.
Everyone on xda will say,that best rom based on android 2.3 is Nik's trinity sensation xl rom and cyanogen mod 9.

I personally couldn't say it's best rom,because i started becoming bootloops after using this rom for one week,i think it's because of my individual cpu,that needs special voltage values.I don't know why,but i always need a kernel with uv support and set uv values manually.

Antutu benchmark gave me ~4500 points with trinity sxl 5.0,so it's very and very good.

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