Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Laozhu Z9 Infinity

Hi,sorry for my long absence.I have some troubles with my notebook,but i still can write :D
Today I will tell you about new version of laozhu rom.
What's new:
-New kernel ZRZ-V9C
-Optimized perfomance for games
-Can be installed on z8 without wipe(*better make nandroid bakcup and try*)
-Memory optimiztions
-Advanced power saving options
-1.5 Ghz max on new kernel
-Fixed screen resolution for all apps,now all must look better
-Better interface smoothness
-Transparent navigation bar(activate in settings)
-Fixed music control on lock screen
-Fixed weather animation in portrait and landscape
-Fixed search in contacts

There is no original,even on china forum,but one great man made repack for all of us.This version is just not avaible for all who want it.
Repack by russian member "interaser":
all languages included,all google apps(+GoogleNow),fixed hosts for all,better gps.conf,htc keyboard with arrows,all sense 4 apps and widgets from virtuous infinity


  1. does this google now has the same issue with the repack z7? i mean no matter what volume i adjust to, google now will start with the beep sound extremely loud.

    1. i don't know.i think it's because of xloud patch

  2. Hi, could you write a review for this latest release? What is the pros, cons & bugs? Appreciate very much :)

    PS: May I know which country are you from? :P

    1. of course)i am from Russia.Review will be posted in a few days

  3. Hey buddy ... thanks a lot for that share ... can u please update the sense 4.1 / ics 2.1.0 with hunterwu 2.0.5 kernel with out any venom tweaks ! just plain and simple ! thanks man !