Saturday, November 17, 2012

About Laozhu z8

We usually associating new build of ROM like a magical with bugfixes and new features.But today wee will speak about laozhu z8-a very contradictory build.
I hope many who read this know something about laozhu,if not-that's one of best ICS 

roms,but now it's becoming more and more bugs.
I will speak about original version,not repack,that i sended to all,but must of bugs are there too.

1.Multilanguage...what's that ?
after installing this rom i saw only chinese and english selection,that's enough for 40% on earth,but what if i am in other 60???
morelocale 2 helped me partly,some apps still remained chinese or english
2.We're making a rom for phone,but we didn't fixed dialer
real.WTF?in z6 we had fully working nice dialer,but now it doesn't search in contacts and have only english characters,that's not enough for all
Laozhu developer says,that he included NEW version of z8 kernel,but in z7 it had UV support,z8 doesn't.I think it's just z6 kernel with new build number,nothing more
4.Sweep to wake-keep in shape!
ICS rom's became a sweep to wake feature,but only for turning off.Laozhu allows you to turn it on with s2w too.But this feature was unstable since z4 and it's unstable as it was.Hope it will be fixed.
5.We didn't test landscape
Have you seen how icons in app drawer looks like in landscape?Don't you think they are a little...HIGH?!We can add a row more or move it lower.

Maybe I'm too cavilling,but i was waiting for z8 with kernel,that includes UV and 

multitouch fix,with dialer fix,more languages and new features.Now I need to replace

my dialer,SU and other working apps from z6 and other sources and i think i will use 

Nova launcher again.I'm  tired to do it after flashing every new laozhu.

There was a little hope,that new sense launcher will use less memory and will be 

more smoothly,but...

So i hope laozhu will find all bugs and of course i'm 

respecting this rom for xLoud,nice tweaks,perfomance and 

almost all things working!!!