Friday, February 1, 2013

z13 is epic fail

You guys need to know,that after few day test i made a conclusion that z13 is worst build ever.There are graphical issues,gps doesn't work sometimes(i play ingress,it's important for me)
Only bugs and nothing more,except powersaving mode in systemui and settings


  1. I just read through the z13 original post. Z13 is an improvement from Z11 (real 4.0.4) while Z12 is an improvement from Z10 (fake 4.0.4). So Z13 consider improved quite a lot compared to Z11 as it just left GPS and graphic bugs while Z11 have more bugs like Sony bravia engine etc. So I think called it an epic failed is quite unfair. I think laozhu should make a seperate thread and numbering for real 4.0.4 to avoid misunderstanding...

    1. Thx for information.So i will post some new roms soon.They are buttery smooth and include venom tweaks.So be ready! ;)